MP3 Album - Honest Songs (Two Benedictions)

MP3 Album - Honest Songs (Two Benedictions)

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Set in an elegant acoustic atmosphere of piano and guitar, and replete with aching vocal harmonies,Two Benedictions’ sophomore recording invites the listener to journey along with them through longing, heartbreak, and the hope of finding a real home.

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Take a seat by the fire and grab a cup of something hot and delicious; for their second recording, the Two Benedictions are getting personal, but in all the best ways. These songs flow as easily as an afternoon conversation with a friend, and their warmth will put you at ease as you settle into an encounter with elegant acoustic soundscapes and seamless harmonies. For their second time working together, Joy and Joel have dug deep and drawn from the well of their own personal journeys, touching upon the most human of joys, heartaches, and longings. Lean in and let yourself be drawn up into the world of honest songs.

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Listen to two of the songs below: