The 'Night Trilogy'

The 'Night Trilogy'

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For a limited time, get the ‘Night Trilogy’ for 40% OFF! This includes three albums which can also be purchased separately on the store: The Night as Bright as Day, A Thousand Dreams in One Life, and If I Rise on the Wings of the Dawn.

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Get all of my first three albums 40% OFF for a limited time! Together, these albums comprise the 'Night Trilogy,' a collection of records considering the intricacies of the hiddenness of our lives, when we feel unseen, or find ourselves walking through a dark season. In the midst of those moments between the fading of the day at dusk and the coming light of dawn, it is incredible what life still presses into the awaiting silence. From the beauty of nature, to the world of our dreams, to the longing for the light of dawn, each of these albums accompanies the listener on a journey through the landscape of night toward the hope of morning.

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