MP3 - Sun of Man (Two Benedictions)

MP3 - Sun of Man (Two Benedictions)

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An acoustic soundscape with a little pop, rock, and jazz thrown in for good measure, this debut EP emerges you in an imaginative world of insightful songwriting, tight vocal harmonies, lush strings, invigorating guitar, and alluring piano sounds.

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Two academics walk into a bar—and start making music. Joel and Joy Clarkson know this story all too well. As the sibling duo that makes up Two Benedictions, and as doctoral researchers in theology, both have traversed vocational lines and put their heads together to create a whimsical, invigorating, and touching musical landscape, in their debut EP, "Sun of Man." Together, they weave a narrative of love's labor, waxing eloquent on whether it be lost or found. Their lyricism is both profound and approachable, setting each of our very human hopes and fears in a delightful poetic tapestry. As we travel with them into a rollicking world of wonder, we too look toward the horizon to see if the Sun of Man will indeed rise and save us again. Come along, and find out for yourself, in this magnificent journey.

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