New songwriting project - Two Benedictions / Sun of Man - EP

After keeping my songwriting skills on the shelf for over a decade, I've finally dusted off a few of the ol' manuscripts. Together with my sister Joy, and some of her own songwriting contributions, we've conspired to compile our favorite original songs together and create a collection of our lyrical world. We call ourselves Two Benedictions, and the fruit of our labor is an EP entitled Sun of Man. It is a collection of tunes, which are in moments whimsical, and in others introspective; waxing eloquent at the nonchalance of pursuing romance, and then in the next, tiptoeing with trepidation. We trudge down the path of love's labor, fearing that we are walking in circles, but hopeful that it will nonetheless bring us back to those we hold most dear in our hearts. In the end, we await the coming of the dawn, and hope for the sun of man to rescue us and lead us into the morning light. I hope you will take a listen, and if it grabs your fancy, pick up your own copy. You can listen/purchase at CD Baby. Thanks faithful readers!

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