Finalist in Audible's Best Audiobooks of 2015!

As I close out the year, I'm thrilled to finish it off with an exciting nomination by Audible as one of their top picks for 2015 audiobooks in the Kids category! I was so excited last year when I was approached by S.D. Smith to provide the voice performance for his delightful children's fantasy, The Green Ember. It follows two rabbits, Heather and Pickett, as they narrowly escape an attack by wolves on their home, and accompanies them on their adventures throughout their perilous world as they seek to be reunited with their family and find peace again. It is a exquisitely-written and exciting read, great for kids of all ages (including adults), and I so enjoyed bringing each character to life in voice. Check out the announcement here, and make sure to pick up your own copy!

Category 1Joel Clarkson