New Album Release! 'Melodies for the Mended Wood, Vol 1'

It's been a wonderful couple of years working as a narrator for the audiobook versions of S. D. Smith's fabulous children's fantasies, The Green Ember, and Ember Falls. Smith's storytelling is so vivid and engaging that as I read the books myself, I often imagined melodies and harmonies in my head to accompany the glorious world of Natalia. Consequently, I was elated to find out I'd be able to write a whole album of that music in a new partnership with Smith and StoryWarren! The album consists of ten original soundscapes inspired by my own reading of the books, which StoryWarren has just released as Melodies for the Mended Wood, Vol 1. You can preview one of the tracks below, and get your own copy at the StorryWarren website. I hope as you listen, your imagination is captured by a glimpse of the magical and beautiful world of The Green Ember. Enjoy!

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